Hello Smoothie!!

My Favourite Smoothie with AVOCADOS

I’ve had a few faux pas when it comes to making nutritious smoothies, but one of my favourites is my avocado smoothie. I combine this with apple, kale and spinach, keeping it simple helps to reduce wastage.

The benefits are so good also, with avocado having more potassium than bananas,  potassium having properties which lower and control blood pressure,  it is a winner for those who don’t fancy the taste of bananas and want to reduce high blood pressure.

It’s also heart-healthy with mono-unsaturated fatty-acids which helps to reduce cholestrol and triglyceride level….. Enough of the science jargon, lets give it a try….

Ingredients :

half an avocado

1 small apple

1 Cup of Kale

1 Cup of Spinach

Let me know how you get on….


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